March Guest Speaker



On Monday March 2 Ron Kaltenbaugh with the Frederick County Environmental Sustainability Commission and Catoctin Group of the Sierra Club Spoke at our monthly meeting. He talked about the climate reality project; impacts, solutions, and a sense of urgency. Ron Kaltenbaugh discussed several impacts such as Food waste, summer temperatures being hotter than the average, and the ocean heat content changing which is causing more hurricanes. This is occurring because of the warmer oceans causing them to intensify more rapidly, Warmer air holding moisture which cause heavier downpours, storm surge increase and more. Some of the solutions that he presented are Wind and solar energy, electric cars, and what we are able to do. These include voting, getting involved, considering the climate when you buy things, if you cannot get solar panels you can look into getting wind power from your utility company, electrifying lawn and garden tools, and calculating your own carbon foot print. One site you can check out to better help the climate is For more information on the Frederick County Environmental Sustainability Commission go to

Pictured from left to right is Mary Gallahan (Vice President), Ron Kaltenbaugh, and Lori Ricce (Mt. Pleasant Ruritan Club Program Chairperson)